Abstacles to Making Money Onlines

Barriers to your online Business

As I have said previously, making money on the internet is possible and every day many people are making a lot of money. It is not everyone that is able to do this because of various reasons. I  am writing of  difficulties that hinder success.


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When I started I did not have much money, therefore I look for a  business that would not require a huge financial commitment. So I began to register or provide my email to any program that looks doable by my estimation, especially those that tell you it easy and you can start earning in few hours time. It looks easy and sound easy. I found that things are not that easy. Even when you register free you cannot move to the next level without them asking you to pay for this and that.  I remember once I was building a house and I  sat down with the builder to determined the cost. The builder told what it cost, so I set aside the money with confidence that I have budgeted for this house. Everything went smoothly at first but down the line, he started coming for more money for this and for that. I gave but I soon realise that this demand will be on going for a while. I was furious and challenged him and asked him why he did not tell me about all these additional or hidden charges. He said if I told you the truth you would not have gone ahead with the project. You would have been discouraged and just give up. But now that the project is 70 -80 % completed you would not stop but go ahead to finish the project. Is his philosophy right? It helped me complete the project but there are those who will disagree.

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Be prepare to invest some money in your online Business

What I found is that many programs  do not tell you all the stories , some will tell you do not need to bring your credit card out but after you have registered, it is a different story. They begin to ask for monthly payments or ask for some ridiculous large sum of money  before you are taught the trick of the business or have access to their email or programs or “secret of success”m and . There is no end to it.  This is contrary to what they promoted at the beginning of their video. With no guarantee that it would work. So what do you do?

Can one make it without any investment? It is hard to do anything on the net without spending a dime. But one does not have to break your back or bank account, for example,  you need money to have your own websites, pay for hosting, email services, subscription etc. There are people who can help but at the end, you still have to spend some money. How much you spend depends on your ability or what you are prepared to pay but do shop around. Just like anything try sourcing information, because I was in a hurry to make money I ended up spending more  money than  I should. You can pay over £100 pounds on domain name only to find  you could have gotten it at a cheaper rate or free.  Many people make money off the internet because of our ignorance or naivety. My advice is that you gather as much information as possible genuine, reliable, authentic  sources  from the e-zines, YouTube, and any reputable  publication and businesses etc.

Be Persistent  and Focussed

Apart from finances needed money  often you are alone the promise of support system is not there or try some of the  programs but nothing works.  You are spending money but not recouping it, you are likely to panic and discourage  and sometimes doubting yourself about the ventures but you have to  Focus and determination to succeed. What made you start this journey, how determine are you to achieve your goals or dreams? If you have these two qualities it will take you far come what may because there are times you want to quit because you are loosing money that you do not have or nothing is working you feel lost and alone. Success only comes by the way you react to these difficulties. Patience, hard work and focusing on the reasons you started this journey will pull through your journey in the first to success. It is a constant learning process so that you can do well in your business.

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Financial Freedom

  How to Make Money online

 Financial Freedom

Are you in financial difficulties but too afraid to do something about it?  Do you want to be your own boss or work for yourself but do not know how or where to start? Are you worried about retirement and your financial security? Do you dream of a day when you won’t have money worries?

These questions bothered me and I decided to take steps and work towards my financial freedom. I know that people make money from the internet so I plunged into with my body and soul to find a business that I can do. While on the internet, I was confronted with all kinds of programs all wanting my money. They were promising all kinds of benefits. It was difficult to know what was real and what was not. I was going round and round in a circle. I subscribed to some of the programs that promised instant success but got I nothing.

I was not sure if it was my lack of knowledge or skills that is preventing me from making money I had no product to sell or website to advertise. In spite my enthusiasm. After few months of trying this and that and getting nowhere. I had to stop and rethink my strategy and asked some hard questions such as what am I doing wrong? What is my business? Do I know what I am doing? I need to know more and learn the skills of online business. I started reading reviews and watching and listening to those who have made on the internet. As I read I came across what known as affiliate programs and affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Programs

Affiliate marketing is when a business pays you a commission or fee for helping them get new customers or sales for their business. There are big companies with affiliate programs for example Google, Amazon and eBay just to mention a few.

There are different kinds of affiliate programs one can choose from what one is interested in and sign on. Find out more about the programs or products tell your friends and family that the product is good for them.  You need to have a niche you because there are thousands of internet marketers out there trying to sell things to people. When you find a niche then you have to  think of how to convince people to hear what you are saying and would want your knowledge or advice on the product.

Affiliate Marketing

To be successful in internet marketing or network marketing you need knowledge tools and understanding of how things work online. You have to know the power of the internet. It is imperative that one learns how to reach people, build list, and communicate with their prospects. It is good practice to keep the prospects informed so that they keep coming back to your site for more information or tips or products something that helps their business.  It is a massive learning curve for me. Having your website is essential for your website is your market place why should people come to your website. Giving people information about the products or business that people you know are interested is good.

I needed to understand what networking marketing, affiliate programs, advertisements, creating  email lists, traffic  and become an affiliate to these companies and began to use my contacts to promote of some of the goods they sell.

Skills for Network Marketing

The internet is a jungle and only the fittest survives.  Therefore, there is a need for information and skills to succeed. Without the tools and the skills, one can perish. Acquiring knowledge is very important in this business. If you are not gaining knowledge to improve your business then you are gaining nothing.

There all kinds training programs on networking from successful people on internet marketing would show you how to do things. There are programs that teach you how to create my website, email list which affiliate programs to register. This enables me to grow the business and increase income through multi-level marketing. There are many helpful people and leaders of network marketers willing to help you along the way. There is one I found cost me nothing actually I was paid to learn Shoemoney. There is the temptation to jump in and grope in the dark, I tell you this it will only cost you a lot of money, frustration and longer time reach your dream of financial independent or early retirement.

You don’t have to be poor

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My next post will be on how I source my products